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Cobalt Kinetics- It’s time to go PRO with SPEED, PRECISION, FORM and FUNCTION!

Cobalt Kinetics started with a single mission to re-imagine and remake one of America’s most revered and popular guns: the AR-15 platform rifle. Cobalt Kinetics unveiled the B.A.M.F. featuring exciting advancements, elegant lines, and precision beyond industry standards at Shot Show 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has a patent-pending for B.A.M.F.’s revolutionary, multi-functional Double-D (Dual Drop) bolt release technology.

As if outrageously elegant sharp lines, top of the line machining, crazy colors, high quality parts and excellent customer service wasn’t enough, Cobalt Kinetics decided to make bigger waves with their Cobalt Advantage Reload System (CARS).
The CARS Rifle autonomously drops an empty magazine and loads the chamber once a fresh magazine is inserted. When using a CARS equipped rifle, the user is only required to pull the trigger, and introduce a fresh magazine as ammunition becomes exhausted. More time and attention can be spent on target acquisition and engagement, allowing for faster and more accurate shooting. The CARS retains the standard operation of the AR-15 platform; the bolt catch and the magazine release are still present and operational.

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