We Sell Guns! We Buy Guns!

Here at Cordelia Gun Exchange, our goal is to provide a positive and memorable customer experience. Whether you are purchasing a firearm for the first time or are a seasoned shooter, we aim to provide the right products, services and knowledge to meet your needs.We specialize in California compliance and carry military style and sporting rifles that are often difficult to find. We carry AR15 style rifles, AK-47 type rifles and many more military style firearms. We ensure that the firearms we sell are legal in California.

We sell used guns

Whether you are a collector looking for rare guns or just interested in finding a good firearm at a lower cost, we are continuously expanding our inventory of used guns. Stop by our store to see what we have in stock. You may find that rare gun you always wanted for your collection!

We buy used guns

We offer top dollar for your used guns. If you have a gun that you don’t use any more and it needs a good home, bring it by our store and we can work out a deal. If you are not near our store, or would like more information about our used gun buy program, go to: Sell Guns

Interested in building your own AR15?

With the latest kits it may be easier that you thought! We sell everything you need including 80% lowers and jig kits.  Did you know that you can legally build your own firearm for personal use?  Go to: Build Your Own AR15 and see what we have to offer.

We specialize in California Legal magazines

If you are looking for AR15 magazines, AK-47 magazines, or magazines for other guns that are California Compliant, we are here to meet your needs.  We block PMAGs and other brands to make California legal 10/30 magazines, and many other variations. We even carry the hard to find 10/20 PMAGs and 10/40 PMAGs! Check out Rifle and Pistol Magazines to see what else we have in stock.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can inquire at: Contact Us  We can find out if the magazines you are looking for are available, and if they can be made California Compliant.  Check out our advertisement:  We Have Magazines

We sell guns online

You can go to Our Webstore and see what guns and accessories we have available for sale online.  For information on how you can legally purchase a firearm online, go to: How you can buy a gun online

We carry a line of pistols and revolvers that are California Legal

If we don’t have it in stock and the item is available, we can order it for you. For the complete list of handguns that can be purchased in California, check: Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California

We only sell firearms and accessories that comply with federal, state and local laws

The media has generated considerable confusion regarding the legality of purchasing semi-automatic rifles in California.  Machine guns and Assault Rifles cannot be legally purchased by the public in California. For more information regarding definitions, and explanations, please visit: Assault Rifle and Assault Weapon

Assault Rifle